Suggestion: please remove the req that a unit has a weapon equipped until you try to exit the screen

Right now, you can’t exit the inventory section if any squad member is missing primary weapons equipped. I get the reasoning, but this is a bad place to do it. When you want to remove all weapons so you can give them to another squadmate, you have to go to a lot of extra work to give him a “dummy” weapon just so you can swap another squadmate in. With five squaddies, you need two dummy weapons.

It would be better if this message stopped you from exiting the entire inventory/mutation/squad/etc. screen, and when you try to switch to the Map section.

Oh, and in addition to it being annoying, it means you have to keep two weapons that you could otherwise break down for weapon parts, just so the UI will let you continue. It’s not like your inactive squad members get subbed in when an active one is downed, so why do they need a weapon?