Suggestion: Put existing vanity items on the in game store again

Seriously what the heck happened here where did all the vanity sets on the shop go it was like free money for funcom I’m pretty sure at one time, and then it just stopped being there?

hey funcom any chance you could put those existing vanity sets back on the shop maybe add some more ? it’s no wonder funcom loses money on this game. They dont even have something is simple as vanity sets for sale on the store, but they did it one time.:joy:

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I think the one’s you’re talking about are now on the Gilding Vendors you find in the main hubs, near the AH’s.

So in effect free since you buy them with the gilding tokens you get from the normal daily login bonuses.

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Even so, they’re kinda shooting themselves in the foot by not offering them on the store for folks who dont want to grind for days/weeks and wouldnt mind ponying up a few bucks

Where am I supposed to get gilding tokens? From participation rewards? No, thank you.

I am up for the store offers.

Not all of the previous sets are there, some are still missing.

Also, in the previous shop, you could buy for 1 char, or pay slightly more and unlock for the whole account. This feature is also missing on the new system.


Should change loyalty reward vanity sets to unlimited claim imo.


Tokens of Gilding ARE for sale at the in-game store

They are inside some chests and listed at the top of the description:

Enclosed are 2 Tokens of Gilding + ______ + ______

It makes sense, though, :boom: NEW VANITY :boom: from the store,

but until funcom hears your pleas you could “pony up a few bucks” :partying_face:

Not everyone is s degenerate gambler wanting to spend money on rng boxes. Bring back store vanity sets

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:tropical_drink: It’s a sure thing

ITEM SHOP > Special Items > Hoard of the Last Legion

“Opening this hoard will GRANT you… 2 Tokens of Gilding which can be redeemed at the Gilding Vendors”


Hoard of the Silent Legion’s contents are ‘social items’ and have Gildings whereas ‘Chests’ do not

Claiming them on daily rewards is tedious but some are earned during an event … or bought


Gilding Vendor [Vanity Armor] NPCs redeem Tokens of Gilding as currency

*Suggestion is an existing feature of the game

Do the math and calculate what one gilding token is worth in your currency, then you can find out what each piece of the vanity items costs in real money. They are ridicolously expensive.
Also most people want the expensive or rare or especially cool stuff on their mains, which most likely do not need the low tier stuff of the boxes.
Looking at the neclect of the store which is the opposite of a neat use of microtransaktions and the the way Account and billing-options are not handled it seems like FC does not want our money.


You are nearly right. Looking at the changes to the store and to subscriptions, as well as the monetization changes that were done when they relaunched TSW as SWL, it is pretty clear that Funcom doesn’t care if the average player spends any money or not on their games.
Instead Funcom are aiming at the “whales”, the really big spenders, and are trying to squeeze as much money out of them as possible.

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No dude, You’re missing the entire point. Let me know when you get it

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Very simple really, behind the fluff,
just want a discount on :dancer:

For Sale in the item shop, you just don’t like the price :rofl: