Suggestion-Quality of Life Improvment - Multiple commands for certain buttons


I wanted to provide my feedback regarding some of the frustrations I encounter during gameplay due to multiple commands being mapped to the same button.

Square is the button used to gather materials when not using a tool, and to pick up baby pets.
Unfortunately, Square is also the button that brings up the quick wheel for Follower commands.
The result, if I am hand gathering, my Follower is getting all sorts of random commands, which is annoying.
If am attempting to pick up a baby pet, my Followers get the ‘Attack Target’ command, and the pet gets killed, this is frustrating.

Triangle button is equip/unequip button. It also the button that makes your character dive.
The result, nearly every time I dive, I end up also drawing out my weapon.

There are a few other things like this that I encounter, but I cannot recall specific examples.

While these issues are not game breaking, they are less than ideal for the playing experience.

I realize options are limited, due to the amount of keys available on the PlayStation Controller.
I am not sure if mapping the commands to different buttons would help the issue or not.

Thanks for reading.


Would like to add the building Hammer place and delete function at R1
The problem here is that the swicht between placing and deleting is R1 too.

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A comprehensive button mapping option would be much appreciated.

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