Suggestion: Remove race requirement from all tortage pathfinders

It’s dumb, time to get rid of this already please.

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Let me guess. You´re Khitan? :rofl:

I agree, this is pretty stupid. Keep the Tortage pathfinders in place, but let everyone be able to use them.

Just get 1000 achievement points and problem solved

Honestly having level capped people zerging in White Sands is unhealthy for new players trying to join saga, so I’m more likely to level lock you guys out. Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! You can’t do that unless you remove White sands from the daily rotation! We would be willing to trade it for say… A field if the dead addition or atzels approach?

If you do level lock it tho make sure it’s capped to 20 not 25. There’s no reason for anyone above lvl 20 to be in those zones. Even epic.