Suggestion: Remove the murder point system and delete guards in pvp zones

Remove murder point system and guards from pvp enabled zones. They are and never were wanted by the pvp community. Guards literally kill pvp in these zones. And murder points are a nuisance. No longer a major hindrance because all you need to do is enter a daily zone to have mps removed instantly…

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I don’t remember if guards were on AoC as soon it was released, but the reason there are guards is because players would stop you from clicking the NCP therefor you could not proceed with the quest. In easy words they were stopping you from playing the game, the result is that many left and moved to Crom or just left the game. I don’t believe that removing the guards is a good thing to do.

Thanks for your feedback.

As we all know, guards were NOT in the game at launch. After their implementation the pvp servers took a turn for the worse.

If the guards were implemented and this was still the end result anyway, did they really do any good for the pvp community?

There is a simple way to get out of npc dialogue when attacked. its called the esc key

When i do ESC actually nothing happens, and if works still you get killed. I’m also talking about the fact you could not get close to the NCP because many players would camp there and you cannot ask for a raid to finish a quest. The guards probably made fury last longer because the game was unplayable. This game is 80% PvE and 20% PvP, also on fury you have to level, it is a MMORPG not an FPS game.

Bro you have not been around as long as many of us here have. Trust me when i say that guards ruined pvp on the pvp servers. When you played from launch like I have you got to witness it first hand. Adding guards did NOTHING positive for anyone. Sorry, except a very small population of people who had no business being on an open world pvp server to begin with. There is a PVE server for them.


Don’t think so, i started to play this game one month after it was released, reason i have no clue about runes or whatever because when i left khitai was barely there. The guards are just in the small towns, they did not add guards everywhere in the game so they really did not kill any PvP, in keshatta everybody was doing PvP without problems.