Suggestion: ? resource gathering rate

I play mostly single player or co-op. I try to tailor my game so I can challenge myself in a good balanced way and stay away from the admin panel. For this I increase resource gathering rate to 2X, to compensate from the lack of other players helping the cause.

However, in Isle of Siptah, the resource gathering modifier does not apply to ??? things gathered from mobs in the Maelstrom. No matter what, it is always 1 per corpse. I suggest having the resource gathering rate to apply to these things as everything else, as this is a tremendous grind, especially solo. Thanks :slight_smile:


The quick answer is you can just spawn them in playing solo/co op…

We can spawn everything in SP, even any Thrall we’d like to have. Why bother to play if you spawn everything? Enough to fly all the island around in God mode, insta-kill all the bosses and forget the game for good.


That is the answer, you can change the Surge multiplier and you will need less ??? to start a Surge


Yes, it is. There is a setting under Maelstorm.


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