Suggestion - Scout!

I think i have a real good suggestion for youre game, Conan Exiles :

What about a tame eagle and/or hawk that one could have on youre shoulders to sent out to spy on the enemy?! :eagle: And through the eyes of this bird you see what’s going on, like a scout! Otherwise used to explore areas ! :star_struck:

It had been so cool and added a very appropriate dimension to the game! Complement it Funcome!


The game needs to come more alive and set the player more free and with less grinding. Needs to be more fun, exciting, but not in an bad way. The game needs to be more lively (!)

Had been an advantage if the players could have even more power over the conditions and could modulate even more of the world around them. Things and building bloks, and the world should have been more moldable, like moldable trees and rocks. And it would been exiting if the monster and npc could be a little more active and smart to i think.

And we need more detail and the opportunity to see other friends on the map!


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Don’t worry, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is “only” 2 months away. Than your dream will come true :slight_smile:

Incidentally, Empyrion: Galactic Survival features a drone that players can control to interact with things remotely, including building stuff and picking stuff up. it’s pretty dope.

Ok :+1: But i like Conan…

Coming to think of it, it does fit the pet taming and Jhebbal Sag system perfectly…

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Yeah for sure! :grin::+1:

Any feedback Funcome??

I wonder how that would be implemented.
Are all player structures to be marked on the map when you send that birdy?

Because “enemy” would basically mean anyone besides yourself and your clan.

Then again, hidden bases would loose all their purpose then.
Think about solo players trying to hide themselves.

Only make clan vulnerable for scouting.
Only let birdys scout the ones who destroyed stuff. (Current page of eventlog.)

Even then I think it wont make any sense. You will have to search the map…

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