Suggestion. Sit at logoff ! [Solved]

Remember this topic, its closed ofcourse.

To the fellow players with whom i discussed that,

test this and praise me later. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Do an emote and log off in that pose.

You will keep that pose for other players.
Default is “sleep” it seems.

for instance: Relax/sit , logoff.
i tested it in-clan.

I did not test anything else with it not enough time, so mayby some will try some exotics.

No idea of it always have been like this, or it is implemented later, if it existed,i just didn’t know.

Not specificly sit in a chair maybe, but this is even better perhaps.


Darn, logged in and and clan was scattered flat again like the drunks they usually are.

So prolly after a restart everybody’s pose resets?

No idea but the euforie was short lived alas bro’s.

Again devs, please let us strike a logoff pose, other then sleep, it looks so much more convincing.
It can be done, i remember sit in chair at logoff was implied during EA for a while.

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on a related note i really want an animation for sleeping in bed so that when you spawn at bed you wake up in bed and say i just had the worse nightmare.

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