Suggestion: Slider of showing the Maelstorm Timer

Hi there,

With the Update we lost the purpose of showing the Purge meter we used to know from Conan Exile Lands

Why not reuse this code lines in showing us the Maelstorm Timer? So everybody that login in between into the Server know when Maelstorm is about to start

But perhaps they do not want this and it is also an Lazy mode. But i think this could work as an Quality of Life solution

reuse the Purge slider for showing us the Maelstorm timer (of course with Isle of Siptah check)

Perhaps Mods can do this trick as long there is no use of the old Purge meter… Well in Conan Exiles they also removed this, so if its possible lets use it


I like this suggestion. It would be nice if we could track the progress of the storm.

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