Suggestion: Snake Pets

Oh dont worry about that Nadia, I certainly make it a mission to collect one of every big cat type on the game! After all I would argue we can never have too many cats. :wink: And although I rarely use folowers, my Tiger is my favourite when I do. But no Lynx as of yet. Soon… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Croms_Faithful ,They sell in Siptah market if I am not mistaken , just take some gold coins with you . To find gold ores you must travel NW , close to the harbor of the drowned it has a lot gold ores .

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I hope the Devs see this thread and maybe think about including tamable pets.

I see it as a win-win situation, by adding Snake Pets the devs can add content to the game by already using existing content and mechanics, that saves a lot time and money.

All the players who always wanted Snake pets will be happy, maybe happy enough to buy a Stygia themed DLC that could also include some skins for our new snake pets perhaps? :snake: :wink:


Sooo I push this thread a little to discuss one final thing before the Topic gets closed like the last one.

In my original thread we where all kind of unsure about Snake skins and/or variants and I had some ideas about that.

So to come to the Variants since Snakes in the game come as Cobras and Anacondas I would suggest that the Cobra Pets would get some extra variants and only the Giant Snakes would recive DLC skins.

Cobra A: Would be the Basic Cobra.
Cobra B: Spitting Cobra (Would have a spitt attack like the Salamander)
Cobra C: Black Cobra (Rare)
Cobra D: White Cobra (Rare)



Giant Snakes:

Variant A: Would be the Orange Anaconda found in the Dessert:
Variant B: Would be the same size as the dessert variant one but with the skin of the Giant one.
Variant C: Would be a real Giant Snake (Rare)

Skins for the Giant variant could be something of the realm of Fantasy that makes the Snake look realy demonic and Evil, here is an example from the Conan board game by Monolith Board Games, I’m sure the designers of Conan Exiles could come up with something similar.


But it don’t has to be pure Fantasy, Snakes come in many Variants and Vipers for example have a particular kind of Scales and head shape that gives them a distinctive look, that could be used to make realy cool Snake skins with the right colors.



What do you all think of this ideas? Good? Bad?

And if you have any suggetions, please post them so we can discuss them together. =)


I can just agree on all of that and it’s definitely something what I would say is missing in the game. As someone who stood outside of the Conan Exile for a long time I always was aware of its gigantic and terrifying snakes, which were kinda like an mascotchion for the franchise.


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I like the OP’s suggestion, and would like to amend it one tiny bit.

Instead of raising the snakes in the pen, they should be raised in the temple of Set and require regular human sacrifices to mature.

These sacrifices should be dancers, with higher tier dancers granting a higher chance of a more beastly snake.


I’m all for pet snakes, even if similar to the turtle.

I’d be happy to have them similar to decorations. Just a placeable object, but would strike at and inflict poison at opposing players in PvP mode. Imagine that guarding a chest :joy:

Easy to kill? Yeah, but still a fun little trap if it inflicts enough poison.

Could work with for pet cat also. Just have it sit where it’s placed. Same as the cat in Pagoda of Boundless Lusts. Obviously no poison, but if it purred it would be nice.

For the snake, a fragment of power and a snake hatchling to craft with a new placeable pet feat?

And yes, I’m aware snakes are venomous, not poisonous. But we’re poisoned when bitten by them in this game.


Always pet the small cobra, its 1 shot kill “if” they can hit your cobra :’)


While I whole heartedly agree that snakes would make s grand pet…
If that’s not possible, perhaps an upgrade to the Set religion. Give them something not unlike the orbs that the Zathites get.
If they can Summon spiders, let the Setites cast sticks to snakes.
It’s not the joyful permanent fix of a companion cobra, but at least it’s something and isn’t far removed from existing systems…


If the implementation of snakes as pets isn’t possible then the one thing I would like to have is to be friendly to snakes so they don’t attack me on site.

If I worship set then I would to to be ignored by snakes please. :pray:

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So I’m adding suggetions from this Thread to the first post now.

If anyone has ideas or want to add something to already existing ideas, feel free to post them here.

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Why hasn’t this been done yet… :pouting_cat:

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