Suggestion: Spread Strawmans apart in Guild cities

Very small request that would be nice quality of life change.

Please spread two strawmans that are in guild city more apart. For some classes it is impossible to measure single target dps on them because we keep hitting two at the same time with some aoe skills.

you can buy solo strawman for 5 vet. coins. and maybe from some other vendors. b4 item shop downgrade, there was one too.

so most likely, what you asking for, will never happen.

and yes, sucks that strawmans in GC are side by side

Yeah I agree with this. call me dumb but I wasted all my vet. points back in the days and some of my toons do not have a strawman. Another option could be add it to the guilding token vendor where you have the increased size etc… so there actually IS an option to get strawman now.

The first loyalty reward added should’ve been a new and improved strawman with a 3 minute cooldown (same length as it’s uptime), and while I’m at it, a no damage cast so tanks could test aggro with it as well.

Gladly :smiley:

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fu lolvito