Suggestion: Thralls inventory , statistics , pathing

Hi , my name is Lebowsky … Big Lebowsky and today in my show i will tell you about my ideas.
Seriously lets begin, i was thinking lately about thralls , very simple stuff :

  1. Items u can put into thralls , since npc have same models how about option to put items in them like armor , weapons and stuff like that ?
  2. Npc that u capture will have 4 random number stats (str , vit , ag, ac) in range of low lvl player to high end game player depend on camp u capture them , thralls also have random statistics and actually have level like player.
  3. Depending on name for exaple u can search for one u are looking for like thrall "fighter 1-2 will need you to have atleast lvl 20 3-4 lvl 30-40 to capture but the point of that will be fighter 1 is lvl 1-10 or 15 , fighter 2 is 15-25 , fighter 3 is 25-35 and more like that but ofc with higher stats so u will actually have fun looking for that one perfect thrall that will protect your loot in loot room solo with epic gear and super buffed str stats with heavy armor >:)
  4. Pathing that is very simple to implement for the start , set point where you are standing as point A ,B ,C and thrall will walk in straight lines or look for the easiest way to go from point A to point B and attack everything in range of let’s say 20 blocks or something like that .

Im sorry if my grammar is bad but i tried :slight_smile: love ya PEACE

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