Suggestion to improve gameplay for people with red/green color deficiencies

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [East Coast]

Many things in the game are hard to determine if the person playing the game has color blindness or color deficiency. Over 8% of males have this deficiency. I have a slight version of it and it is often hard for me to see things like why I cannot craft an item or get a feat.

Here are a couple of suggestions that would help greatly for everyone.

  1. The hit point bar for monsters you are fighting should go hollow(transparent) for the hit points that are gone rather than the subtle changes in color that occur. This would make it much clearer to know your progress on fighting things. For the first 20-30 hours that I played the game I had a devil of a time. I now know how to key in on the changes, but they are subtle. Why not make it immediately obvious that the hitpoints are gone by just making the red bar go hollow?

  2. Once again, now that I know how to look at it the green/red border for is subtle for whether I have/do not have a feat or its pre-requisites. I think simply changing the colors or increasing the saturation would help make it less subtle. Also from past experience, if the red/green frame were even a pixel or two wider it would also help.

Here is a link to a program that helps programmers deal with color blindness issues.

Add dubya-dubya-dubya to the link below because you can’t paste links
color-blindness dot com/coblis-color-blindness-simulator

Thank you


I’ll second that.
While i can (for the most part) tell the difference between red and green, if you put those 2 colours next to each other i’ve got no idea whats going on.
Same goes for blue and purple.

A lot of games have colourblind options in the settings.
It makes it so much easier if you can switch green for blue, or red for purple in UI elememts.

Definitely support this. I’m not colorblind, but in some instances in the past I’ve found these sorts of settings extremely useful. So it won’t just be helping a small percentage of the population.

In the meantime, if you’re on PC, play singleplayer, or on a server that supports it, Hosav’s UI Mod on Steam Workshop is a great workaround. They allow you to select what colors you want for your UI elements.

This should be a base game setting though, but for now this could be a help to someone.


In the world of profession UI development, the recommendation is to never use ONLY a color to indicate the state of something. You should always combine the color with an alternative symbol or pattern. So a simple fix would be to change UI element which uses a red/green/tan background color to indicate status to also have a pattern with the color. For example for an unusable status (red) combine the color with a //// pattern or an XXXX pattern.

Hey @RickiTicki

Thanks for the observation. We’ve sent it to our team so they can consider it for future updates of the game.

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