Suggestion to Market

My suggestion to add function to market as auto sell. Like it was in TAB.

Best regards.

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Hey @VioletFire

Welcome to our community and thanks for your feedback.
We’ll send your suggestion to the devs so they can consider it :slight_smile:

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Hey @VioletFire,

The market already does that! Essentially, when a resource is at cap and when the “Tick” hits the income rate is “sold” and you receive the gold for it automatically.

For example, At the Market a player can manually sell Stone for 15 Gold. So if the Players Resource Tracker is at cap with an Income of +1 Stone, the player will receive 3 extra gold on the tick.

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I just tested this and I have found that it does Not work as intended then. I had full wood and +13 coming in. I did the math and got 0 extra gold on the next tick. I was only hoping for a measly 13 extra too btw.

In singleplayer it works. Need to see in multiplayer.

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