[SUGGESTION] Weapon slots,Battle mode, Shield rework, Archery rework, Throwing/Daggers/dual wield rework

In one of the latest updates we got our hands on awesome thing - sneathed weapons, but in fact that was just for visuals. Why not to add a real reason to it ? Heres what i suggest about it.

Part 1-Weapon slots.
Every character have 4 additional weapon slots

  • Two handed weapon/bow/shield
  • One handed weapons/bow
  • Throwable weapon/tool/offhand weapon
  • Tool
    (if you have 2 handed weapon equipped you cant equip bow/onehanded weapons exept dagger,
    if you have bow equipped you cant equip two handed weapons and shields, 1 handers only or dagger)

Weapons give their characteristic boosts even when unsneathed

Part 2 - Battle mode

  • after dealing/recieving damage, player gets into “battle” mode where he are unable to change weapon/gear slots(except helmet)

Part 3 -Shield rework (slight)

  • 3rd grit perk now gives ablity to sprint while holding shield up by sacrificing stamina, when ramming into target with this ability
  • target are knocked back/knocked down by chance (chance to knock down is determined by Yours vs Opponent armor difference and can be negative (you get knocked back/down if ram heavly armored target while wearing rags))
  • able to punt enemy while holding guard by pressing LMB
  • survival 50 perk and having armor greater than attacker’s will make you NOT doing struck animation while being hit

Part 4 Archery rework

  • ability to punch enemy with LMB to inflict little to no knockback/stagger effect, not able to spam arrows with LMB, long press LMB (around 1.5 sec - 2 sec) will cause knockdown upon hitting (animation something like final heavy unarmed)
  • zooming in by pressing sprint button, not by default (it hurts my eyes :D)
  • ability to precharge heavy shot and run/sprint with it charged but this move will have HUGE stamina drain (hold rmb - charge, releasing rmb if fully charged will not release charge from bow, press rmb again to uncharge your bow)
  • ability to controller style movement while not charging shots/shooting

Part 5 Daggers/dual wield rework.

  • Daggers are not paired now (you need 2 daggers to perform current animations)
  • Dagger can be used in single hand (main/offhand)
  • Dagger special ability with offhand ( not throwable weapon and not a dagger/shield) are parry - pressing special attack will perform a parry (not blocking stance but a short animation) if you get hit while in “parrying animation” enemy become stunned for 0.5/1 sec what will give you opportunity to strike back.
  • dual swords - parrying
  • dual maces - powerful slam with both hands causing 4 stacks of armor reduction and “earthquake” effect
  • dual axes - whirlwind with bleedings
  • dual daggers - spend 1-10 ash to create a smoke cloud around you (coulbit becomes your dodge roll while wearing dual daggers (sneathed and unsneathed) but with stamina cost of dodge roll)
  • unpaired dual wield - leaping forward like axe’s first attack
  • dual wield are real dual wield - you can combine 2 different weapons but animations will be tied to your main hand mostly (like sword+throwing today or axe+throwing) but you will get different bonuces like using mace in your offhand will stack armor pen on enemy, daggers will stack bleeds and so on.
  • damage of dual wielding must be just like (offAP+mainAP)*0.75=total combined armor penetration and
    (offATK+mainATK)*0.75=total combined weapon attack

Addition regarding encumberence and bodyvaulting.

  • Character initially have 5 inventory slots and for example 10kg of weight he can carry, every gear piece adds carryweight and carry slots, better gear - more it gives (bearer pack and ENC gear gives extra more). Encumberence stat increases carry weight bonus from gear and maybe add inventory slots.
    Logged off player are NOT dissapearing and will die of starvation in 2-3 days (if he was full when log off, cannot be fed by others)

of course nothing of this will never hit live but atleast im hoping for a great discussion :smiley:

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can you be more constructive ?

With that list? No.

Maybe someone else can reimagine these…

I’ll watch.

I’m against any type of combat restriction, since the combat is already as bad as it is.

That’s not really possible because how item are set up but you can download dev kit and try to see if you can come close to what you envision… though I would like to see something like a two slot system main hand and off hand and entering combat you auto bring out the weapon and lock ya into it … this fight or flight to swap gear seem more plausible

This looks a bit too MMOish for me. Locking gear in battle would make the game quite clunky. And I definitely favor having less combat styles than more simply from the fact a meta will form anyway, and its easier to make tweaks around that with less.