Suggestions 2 in one shot :) for siptah

So hello long time no writed any suggestions but now i figure out that 2 of them may be good to go…

  1. About crafting time ( maybe bug maybe not) : I managed to get i think T5 armorer in siptah, well maybe t4 don’t understand those new types, vanir loysing stuff, but well i mean the crafting time for them - its wtf how slow, T4/5 is fastest crafters in game i mean, but i placed to make Were-Hyena armor Flawless variant… Well helmet only crafted 45 minutes… its then maybe after 4 hours one set is done? also still timers are bugged, u cant make any bug kabobs because those larvaes decay faster then i can make food…

  2. When @Ignasi introduced us with new devkit that allows to make our own maps, my first idea was to try and make island archipelago, but u see how then players can travel from one to other island, need rowboat or just boat or something, otherwise all drown… so idea went away… sadly, but while i played on siptah, i found out some mini fisher boats in lakes and OAR recipe, maybe its possible sometime in future to get atleast one water transport, oar could use as oar, not only weapon, and then those mini boats also could be makable and travel around in ocean, u see also on siptah there is mini islands that i for example cant get to it because i drown somehow each time… so maybe in future we will get mini boats please?

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Amm any ideas if this is acceptable or so? :smiley:

I don’t think you’ll get direct feedback on your suggestions from Funcom.
They did mention several times in devstreams that all suggestions are being taken into consideration and they do complile them into lists.

For your first suggestion, you may look forward to patch 2.1 where campaign benches for crafting armors and weapons will be added to the game. These benches will have faster crafting speed.

As for boats, I’d like that too, but we’ll have to wait some time before we see something like that in the game. That’s because there’s alot on the plate right now with Isle of Siptah still in early access.

Best regards.

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