Suggestions and Comments

Hi there, I’ll keep this brief. Things I have come across in the game that are frustrating or buggy:

-Fish traps are super picky along deeper water (cannot use them if you are swimming and unable to go under water)
-Gathering bark is tedious (create an option at carpenter bench to convert wood to bark?)
-Player bodies disappear upon death (player cannot find body to receive items, but other players can)
-Certain items could benefit from being replaceable/moveable (chests, crafting stations, etc)
-Logged out players are sleeping underneath their beds
-Fluid press illustration shows hide as ingredient, thought hide does not work as an ingredient (or should it?)
-Combat with rhinos leads to clipping and getting stuck inside the rhino, unable to move or dodge
-Over encumber bug (sometimes when a player “takes all” from another inventory, there are hidden items in the inventory. To fix the bug, the player has to remove all items from their inventory and avatar and take them back to show the unseen items)
-Placing building pieces (especially ceiling tiles) sometimes will have no snap point for player A, but player B it is possible
-Javelin glitch, it will randomly disappear from action bar and be lost

-I would like the option to see what stat a armor boosts before I waste mats crafting it !
(every other stat for both armor and weapons is shown but not this.)
-Also a clear timer on how long it will take to tame a thrall instead of just the white bar filling up.
-Bearer Thralls are useless at the moment. Same amount of inventory slots as any other thrall.
-Javelins and other throwable weapons should stack IMO. They are too under powered anyway.
-Bandages should stop bleeding. You already give up so much using them and they heal less than Aloe or Ambrosia. They need to have a benefit or they are useless.
-Bows should have 50% extra HS damage by default and the last perk should be severe cripple OR all arrows do bleed damage that does not stack. Just enough to stop people healing. ( if you can land headshots you deserve to be rewarded at any level… not just after you put 50 points in accuracy.)

I find the best way to gather bark is to raid NPC settlements. I frequently get multiple stacks from just raiding a single, large settlement. The artisans drop a lot of it and it’s in a lot of the chests.

They do, after the healing effect ends. At least they’re supposed to, according to the Healing Rebalance patch notes. I don’t use bandages myself so I can’t confirm this.