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Skal and Hello everyone!

I have been playing Conan Exiles since it’s original release and I have a few suggestions and I’m hoping we can get Funcom feedback on it. If these have been suggested in the past that’s fine, just means they’re a good idea haha!

Suggestion 1: Dual wielding axes and swords, craft 2 of the same or mix and match and dual wield. It’s always been a thing in the Conan Universe and I believe it would add extra flavor in the combat, I personally would love to run around dual wielding 2 War Axes and being a true Berzerker.

Suggestion 2: Double Door for Doors, like butterfly doors, takes up 2 wall pieces, kind of like a gate but for your house and not for a gigantic wall. These would look amazing for entering a smaller keep. You would, instead of having Door Frame, you would have Double Frame, and have it open in the middle, perfect pieces for the main entrance to a keep or smithing spot.

Suggestion 3: Use half walls above other half walls that can attach to ceilings to make custom windows, add smaller “doors” that can be used as windows you can open and close.

Suggestion 4: Make a “pull up” animation when reaching the top of surfaces, currently, you kind of “jump” up to the top of a surface when you get there and it’s very buggy, 6/10 times you’ll just fall back down and have to climb again. This animation would also help prevent those trying to bug out the fences and climbing over them.

I’m sure I have a few more that will come to mind, I will add them as I continue to play and remember them haha, please add your suggestions and feedback as well!

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Welcome to the Forum. As you thought your suggestions have been put out before. Not sure about half wall windows a 2 wide 2. Tall door :door: would be great I would go for a animation that got me over the edge every time for sure. @SaythernTV

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This :point_up_2:
For many many reasons, I hope 3.0 will bring it.
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being able to open and close windows will be super cool and awesome on PVE, RP and PVP so people cant see what u doing inside your base


Thank you all for the replies! Yes the windows idea i love as well, then if you WANT to build windows you can close them before logging off for the night and such. The double swinging doors would be amazing as well, would work great in my builds lol

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