Suggestions for crafting interface and such

Couple of things that need adjusting are the crafting section, placement of certain decorative items and placement of horses.

The crafting section would be much better if sorting items would also remove the darkened pieces from the list. Also option to show/hide DLC sets would make the section easier to use. Or that the DLC set parts would all be in the same place and not scattered here and there in the list. The list is exhausting to scroll when trying to find something. Feels like i spend half of a game session just scrolling.

The stables would be much easier to use if horses could be placed right next to each other, now you need to leave one foundation between them and that makes the stables huge if you have a few horses at your base.

Finally, the carpets. Why on earth can’t stuff be placed on them? Just doesn’t make sense. That’s about all i have on my mind right now, probably forgetting a ton of issues.

about carpets: I have no difficulties to put chairs, tables etc on carpets.
Sometimes, the carpets dont suit a perfectly flat aquilonian floor… this is the only bug I saw

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