Suggestions for improvement to the developers regarding Battle Pass

Suggestions for improving the currently boring Battle Pass. Why boring?
The Battle Pass challenges are not always clearly defined and almost repeat themselves too quickly. Kill a rhino with poison is one such thing. I’ll just write poison arrow there. Clearly define, but in today’s fast-moving times no one wants to describe anything sensibly anymore, why? Is people’s intelligence getting dumber, lazier, more sluggish? Kill a rhinoceros with a poisonous weapon and let it die from the poison. Was that so difficult?

The Battle Pass with its challenges is supposed to support the developers, but I fear that if it remains so boring, it will be anything but profitable. Why don’t you involve the community? I’m sure there are hundreds of ideas for challenges that can be mastered in the land of exiles. Not all of them are feasible or good, but there are certainly some excellent ideas from the players who travel the land every day.

It is also incredibly gruelling when every player in a larger clan has a different challenge. In a clan, you play together, you have time to relax in the game after the stress of work, and you meet virtually in the game and chat with each other in teamspeak.

Now you go off together and everyone has a different challenge? That doesn’t work well! At least not in our clan, where some have already noticed that this is impractical for the community. So only two players “like me” have bought the Battle Pass. And why should I buy the Battle Pass again? I’d have to play solo, because surely no one else in the clan wants to take part in my challenges, right? And when I have killed all the wolves, the next player who needs the wolves will have a lot of fun, because our server is not for respawn killers, the respawn time is set to (3) 45 minutes.

In our eyes, the Battle Pass only makes sense as a clan, if the challenges are communal and can also be completed collectively. That means no matter who kills the wolf in a challenge, those who are nearby get the counts. Of course, if someone has already completed challenges solo, then the challenge menu shifts, bad luck for them. We’re playing another game, so they have to wait or go off on their own. This usually results in several groups, the late, middle and early players :slight_smile: But usually no one does the challenges, we wait until the others are also online. It’s more fun together.

Back to the suggestions for improving the Battle Pass challenges:

  • Kill only with daggers (only with Bow, Axe, Sword, only with …) Panthers, Scorpions, Spiders…
  • Find a Baby-Pet (perhaps specify them like find a wolf baby-pet)
  • Do not kill, only knock out a Thrall (Perhaps specify that, like entertainer, cook…)
  • Pull the aggro of a lynx, panther, tiger, bear… and then run away, don’t kill.
  • Steal in a camp from the chests x gold/silver/steel/iron…

Mapspecific, but with a query something like this should also be possible. Somewhere in a database is it written which map is being played? There are already some visits, but there is much more on the map than just the Leyshrines.

  • if map == ‘isle of siptha’ Visit Eastlight (J3), Westlight (K4), Flame in the east (O8), Heretic Haunt (O13), Wreck of the cleaver (F12), Tears of Xanarus (C9), Watchtower (C6). And for all players who haven’t discovered it yet, I would send the coordinates.

  • if map == ‘isle of siptha’ Go only to H7 and kill the Bear Boss.

  • if map == ‘isle of siptha’ Go only to I6 and kill the Lizard Boss and so on.

  • if map == ‘isle of siptha’ Kill all four Bosses on blacksail harbor (I13).

thanks for reading.

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