Suggestions for more challenging content, easyfix?

As the title states.

Let me clarify and make a suggestion that i personally think will make this game 100 times better for everyone:

The game is too easy as of today.
Once you reach lvl 30 you can go anywhere and do anything except kill a boss, wich takes you 20 minutes at lvl 60 anyways. (the bosspart is fine)

As an oldschool gamer i like a challenge, and i like to fail several times before i get it right and actually get a valuable item as a reward.

The state of the game today does not give us anything even remotely close to this imo, and the problem is the short span between the different zones and the difficulty of mastering them.

I get that you can’t just increase the levels of the mobs, seeing as everything is balanced for pvp.
But my suggestion would fix that in a way that would give more loot, more challenge and more endgame content.

#1 PVP/PVE stats on items.
#2 PVE-difficulty slider.

Just to elaborate on the PVE-difficulty slider:

slider at lowest: every zone as is today
slider at mid: desert 10% harder, vanir zone 30% harder, frozen zone 100% harder.
slider at max: desert 20% harder, vanir zone 60% harder, frozen zone 200% harder.

This is just an example but i think this would give people a reason to keep playing after they finish the game, or make them spend way more time in the first place.
The loot would have to reflect on the difficulty aswell, and some of the rewards should include visuals you could put on weapons to make them stand out from the regular loot drops.
IE: particle effects, color variants you name it.

I think this would give the game way more depth and i wouldn’t have completed everything it had to offer so quick.


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