Suggestions for RP

I don’t know how many people do RP, but I play on a dedicated RP server (Thrones of the Exiled).
I know that people who spend time on their characters would like some more in-depth character options, like e.g. the possibility to add freckles and scars.

Also, why is there a time limit on cosmetic warpaints? They don’t do anything but add flavour to your character. It would make more sense to make them permanent, just like other cosmetics (e.g. armour dyes).

I agree. Warpaints should be permanent and removed only when overwritten by another warpaint.

There is a timer? I put on Black Hand Warpaint the first time I found it. It was on me for over a month IRL time, and countless deaths. It only game off when I changed paints… I thought the only ones that had timers were the buff ones.

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