Suggestions for Siptah

These are a few things I would like to see in the future for the Island of Siptah, this list is from a single player on a private server, so please keep that in mind.

  1. Better Merchants: Most of the merchants only sell things that I can get myself or that are easily obtained, why not have the merchants sell items like recipes and exotic items, I like that I can buy a couple pet cubs but that’s the only thing I find useful from the merchants.

  2. Melt down gold/silver coins for bars: we can make coins from bars why can’t we do the reverse? it shouldn’t be that hard to add a mold just like the coin mold (5 or 10 coins= 1 bar). Personally I use gold/silver bars more than I use the coins and as it stands right now I haven’t found anywhere I can mine gold or silver ore or you could add a merchant that sells gold and silver ore.

  3. Smaller Animal pens: Siptah isn’t a very big Island so there really isn’t a very large area to build in and with adding NPC camps there will be even less, so having a massive animal pen that only hold 6 pets is not very realistic or functional, I wouldn’t mind an animal pen for 2 animals, it would be about 1/4th the size and be a lot more realistic to have when building space is at a premium. It’s also hard to find a flat piece of land the build it without having to place a bunch of foundation pieces just for some huge animal pen.

  4. Till the soil: Allow us to actually farm the land, having a small garden that grows various vegetables or fruits, it could add a whole new dynamic to the game and a whole new set of recipes. Spices should not be made by an Alchemist it should be grown in a garden. The planters are a good alternative if we could use them to grow food as well.

  5. Active Thralls: This has been complained about for a very long time and I believe that there was suppose to be a DLC or update that fixed the lack of movement once an NPC is turned into a thrall, but for some reason it never happened, I decided to add this into my suggestion list just to remind the Dev’s that this is something we won’t forget about.

  6. Weather variety: it never rains or snows or anything, as long as you can fix the raining inside issue it would be nice to have some climate variety, I can understand the lack of snow on a tropical Island, but it should at least rain once in a while, just not all the time or inside my buildings, kind of defeats the point of putting a roof on a building.

I have more suggestions but I think I’ll wait and see what the next update brings with it before I list anymore, but as far as I can tell these are not planned for the next update or any future update. I really think that the Island of Septah has some great possibilities and I look forward to future updates and even DLC’s.

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Gold and/or silver ores can usually be found in the vicinity of vaults.

While it’d be neat to have farming like this in game, I doubt Funcom is willing to put in the necessary resources to create this completely new system. The closest you’re going to get is burying planters partly in the ground. What would be better is if they have a chance for seeds to be created along with your crop in the planter. Also, unless it was changed, spice can be made by grinding fiber.


Dude !! Thanks for the reply those are things I didn’t know, I never tried putting fiber in a grinder or even thought it was an option. I guess it’s time to head back to all the vaults so I can stock up on gold and silver ore !!

Thank you for the productive and informative response, you don’t see that very often on this forum!

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For what I remember of this , they added idle annimation for thralls , so once every while they will stretch their arm . But in the same time all the idle animation had sounds going with them , and suddenly it was a nightmare to stay inside a base with more than 4 thralls , you would hear yawning and coughing , worse than if you were standing in the worse (no ventilation ) smoker area of a bar mixed with a class of lazy students that have partied the night before …

of course I would love patroling guards and more “life” added to thalls to make bases all more realistic , but sometimes better is worse than good :wink:


Yea the idle animations are ok, but I agree the sound effects would be annoying after a while, it’s just disappointing that they (the Dev’s) could do so much more with this game but yet fail to do it, I don’t know the reason and it’s possible that there is a very good reason they don’t do it, but it just makes everything so lifeless and boring, it would make more sense just to have a bunch of skeletons guarding your base at least then it would seem appropriate that they don’t move around.

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