Suggestions from a Newbie

Picked up the game on eBay. So far just tinkered with the base game as downloading the update will take some time. But I have a few ideas I’d like to see, for games like this in general. Apologies if some of these are already implemented/planned, of course.

–Dedicated Tools–
We have some of these already, of course. Cleaver for meat, Pick for stone, Hatchet for wood.

There is a tool called a draw knife that I think would be great in Conan as a bark scraper. Use it on a tree to get bark, no wood or anything like that.

Some type of hammer to use on rocks in order to get Stone Dust, that could be used in construction, since it’s a base for mortar and the like.

Adding a way to gather sand would also be nice. Maybe certain deposits in the sandy desert areas. And a scoop tool to use for collection. This could maybe add in a Sifter station to sift sand or other loose materials, to get stuff like ore dust, gold, etc.

The main thing I want to see in the game is more crafting. More stations, more things to gather, etc.

The most fun I had with Minecraft was the mods that add new machines and stuff to run.

The Siege Foundation and Trebuchet that I saw look like a perfect item that could be duplicated and altered to create a windmill, to grind stone, flour, and other things via the wind.

One thing I saw that Ark Survival Evolved has is irrigation pipes. I would love to see these in Conan. To have a lake or water source nearby. Stick a pipe in and run it along the ground to your house, with a large bowl placeable that the water can fill.

Where you can drink and fill your waterskins, just like a well, but somewhat different. Not a huge priority I know. But I love to build and craft and the more options for this the better, I say.

The ability to mix paint from the dye items and slap it on your foundations and walls would be rather nice as well.

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A few more ideas.

A large garden “building” that requires a Thrall. Dump in seeds and they work the field to grow crops, for food. More of a return than receiving from just a planter.

A hunter camp building, that could hold several thralls, that would range out so far from your home to automatically take on creatures, carrying back the harvested meat and materials that could then be taken from the camp inventory.

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