Suggestions from years of experience on these types of games

  1. PLEASE fix the known issues before adding new content. We all would rather the game run smoothly, than get the new content.

Now for my suggestions.

Having a thrall who repairs the base. A carpenter that has a repair hammer. You would have to keep his work bench filled with the materials used to build your base. Shaped wood, steel reinforcements ect…

A Mini Map in the bottom corner
This would be great for those of us who use the map a lot. It would make it easier for us while traveling through the exiled lands.

commands for thralls
Please add basic commands wheel for thralls. It would be nice to be able to give attack orders instead of waiting to get hit before they attack. I would also like to see patrol added to the orders as well. You would be able to set thralls to patrol a specific area of your base grounds. But not outside the land claimed.

Bring back the ability to knock out Bandit leaders. Why bother having thralls like that in the game if we cannot use them? EVERYONE that I have talked to in communities, as well as the servers that I am apart of are not happy about the fact that you guys have taken bandit leaders, prowlers, plunderers away from us. And one more time… PLEASE stop adding new content, and just concentrate on fixing the issues that they game has first. Everything you have added creates more, and new problems. We love the new content, but we NEED the issues fixed first. You are actually losing players. They are going back to ark and fortnight.

I’m not workingfor Funcom but I’m a software developper so let me reply: for sure all users want bugfixing of a software before new content release, but outside videogame current world the users has to pay a software maintenance contract to have it.

Back in the '90 when you bought a videgame it was intended “as is”, no matters if the game was unable to even start or it was impossible to finish it cause a bug.

There are differents policies even in the modern videogame world, time ago it was common way for users to pay a monthly subscription. But in recent times it was preferred a different approach, the same Funcom have for this game.

Releasing new contents like DLCs is the way Funcom continue to have a revenue from the game, DLCs also pay for maintenance, bugfixing, new free content.

Bugfixing makes happy the current players, but new contents is the way to attract new players (so new revenues).

So that’s why, even if as user I agree with you I understand and I support current policy by Funcom because it’s simply needed by the company to have things remain profitables.

Wich is a needing, because if they wasn’t why Funcom had to continue its work on the game ? It’s a mutual benefit: company make moneys, we have a better game at each release*. :slightly_smiling_face:

*ofc mistakes could be always made, none and nothing is perfect you know.:stuck_out_tongue:


Please be careful whenever making suggestions on behalf of the whole community, because empirical evidence strongly suggests that not everyone agrees on anything.

Bug fixing and new content are not mutually exclusive. They are, for the most part, done by different people. New content is what keeps a company running, so stopping new releases would spell financial doom upon Funcom.

This is one case where we can have our cake and eat it too.

As for your actual suggestions: I’d love the ability to give commands to the idiots we have as thralls. I do understand that our most commonly used method of recruitment can leave our employees somewhat cognitively challenged, but some basic commands (“guard”, “attack”, “don’t attack”, “follow me but not as close as you might like to”, “fly you fools!”, etc.) would make life with a thrall much more tolerable.

A repair thrall with a set operating radius to automatically repair walls and placeables etc. would be neat. Just… don’t make him walk to places he wants to repair, at least not until thrall pathfinding gets a lot better than it is now.

I use the map a lot, but I’ve actually learned to live without a minimap. Yes, I get the occasional fright when a spider jumps at me from behind without warning, but we don’t have a personal radar in the Hyborian Age and I quite like that.

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i don’t agree with you, the map is already convenient enouth to me (and i would actualy preffer her to be a craft around lvl 10 rather than something you get out of diegesis)
but for the regular user (i mean by that those who need to check map every 20m) the impact would be negative aswell, because constant checking of the map make it so people won’t learn the world shape & desygn, and adding a mini-map would make them look at it while mooving, decreasing the learn capacity further more.

Yeh why not, could find his use, along with a city life uptade that alot of us hope it will come someday

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Please dont say that, you are not the official word on what “we all” would rather or rather not have. I for example agree that fixes need to be done asap, but at the same time new content is what makes me stick around till those fixes are done and on the contrary cant wait for next DLC’s, etc

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