Suggestions & Ideas for upcoming major 3.0 Update

– Mail / Mail Post

  • various materials to craft a Mail Post
  • no Thrall needed
  • maybe a catched pet? Flying Pigeon, Drake, any trained pets, whatever…
  • to send and to get Mails by other players

– Flying Mounts

  • various commons, uncommons, rares, epics, legendaries, … etc…
  • permanent / temporary / limited (to 1 per Server for example)

– Trade Post / Market

  • various crafting materials
  • new special NPC Thralls (T1’s - T4’s), one special to maintain the Trade Post, and others who trade
  • manual trading
  • Silver Coins? Gold Coins? New “Trade Post” currency/Coins?
  • Taxes & Connected Trade Posts
  • Trading NPC’s

It is possible to put various items and stuff into your crafted “Trade Post”, so other players/allies etc are able to exchange items. For example you sell 100 Star Metal Bars for 100 Hardened Leather. Or for plain currency.

There are Taxes of course

  • Let’s say 5 Silver Coins to list one stack/item
  • Connected Trade Posts? If there are multiple Trade Posts of various players within a square for example within J4, your sent Trading Thralls will pay less taxes. So if your base and your Trading post is at J4 and you see something interesting a seller is selling/exchanging at D10, so your Trading Thrall needs more time of course and more Taxes. Let’s say x1.5 per square.
  • manual trading has a plain tax


More ideas will be added…

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If you wanted to try a modded server…
Pippi has the trade post / player store already, they have things called thespians NPC’s that hold items to sell. and a currency system.

I really don’t see Flying mounts ever being in the game, there was a Dev Stream that basically said it’s never going to happen, something about the size of the map, and the limitations of consoles.

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What I enjoyed the most on private servers was the trading system some ppl put in place. I mostly play PVE or PVE-C and it saddens me that in official servers there is no way to trade offline or to put a chest where you let people take the stuff you don’t want anymore. I believe trader thralls and special chests could be interesting additions in official servers. I don’t play often and I’m not always there when the server is at its peak. A mailbox system could also be soooo interesting.

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It was stated that both maps are too small to add in flying mounts but 3.0 might have it but they did say no it’s definitely not happening. I would like them though

I actually kinda like this… That would be funny as hell. Make it so that the recipient can also murder the pet and steal the goods tho… :smiley:

Personally what I’m hoping for in 3.0 is the settlement system they wanted to include pre-launch.
And the Magic system also mentioned pre-launch.

I do like the trade system idea, it’s what entices me occasionally to try a private server running Pippi
unfortunately it’s difficult to find a private server running only a few mods, it’s the excessive use “too many” mods that ultimately drives me back to official servers.

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Flying mounts are most definitely out but the rest sounds interesting. Let’s see what we got recently… pickup stuff… a dynamic event system… thrall emotes… hmmmm


Anyone notice the end of the event didn’t need a patch, even on private servers?…

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Flying mounts sounds like a terrible idea. Gliding mounts, however, sounds perfectly reasonable. Especially if you can’t wield a lance while riding one.

There is a glider reference on siptah… so that could be on the table

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i’m up for some gliders, from batskin and bone.

Mostly I WANT “A SAND REAPER PET”, and it needs to BE OP.


I would love a sand reaper kitteh. And a ball of yarn.

-ability to dye weapons, shields and building pieces
-Increase Pet effectiveness
-Ability to take over a person’s base
-More HP for walls, ceilings and roofs.
-Add negatives to having more than one alter type.
-Remove health bars and building HP’s from player view. Add more visual representations to health of characters and buildings
-Have armor and weapons attributes assignable so that players can pick what they like and add it to the armor skin of their preference.
-Remove T1-4 element from thralls. All thralls exist in levels 1-20 with levels designating differences between the bonuses of T1-4. IE you can knock out that particular fighter level 5 to get a jump start in leveling to 20 or you can knock out that level one and experience them up to 20.
-Have everything made with demon blood as items that corrupt you. Yes that includes Dragon powder, corrupted stones, maprooms, throne of skelos
-Corruption fueled magic.
-have Perks that conflict with each other so you have to pick and choose better. Vitality and Strength perks pitted against eachother. Encumberance and agility, survival and grit.
-Weapon redesigned to encourage strengths and weaknesses against other weapons. This encourages swapping out and learning different weapons better.
-Remove light, medium, heavy armor. Set it the distinctions to weight and use weight of armor as your way to assing this. Give the player more options.

“Worker” thralls that gather resources for you. There’s already several mods that do it, and it doesn’t seem too difficult to implement. Hell, Ark does it if you set your dinos to “wander.” They’ll just roam around collecting stuff for you.

I’m always going to say no to automatic gathering (heck I don’t even like how fishtraps do it). And the reason why is it promotes ‘dollhousing’ where players have less reasons to leave their bases.

Going out to get thralls, farming legendaries, getting fragments/eldarium, and gathering basic materials like wood, stone, and fiber all increases the chances of running into another player. This is beneficial for both PVE and PVP.

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It would be nice for solo players like myself who can’t devote massive amounts of time to the game, though. My job doesn’t let me off until at least an hour into Raid time every day, so having a thrall or something who can gather resources while I’m offline would be great. It should be nowhere near what I could gather while I’m online, of course. Like 1k stone an hour or something, max. Just a little assistance for me.

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kinda would turn Conan Exiles into Ark and i was not a big fan of ark what I love about Conan is its nothing like Ark you don’t have to watch the skies for flying animals.

I do agree on a Thrall who you can level up and send them out for things is a great idea Conan also needs to add thralls can level up no matter the battle there in they should not have to follow to level up.
I have died a good amount and missed many chances for my thrall to level up.

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