Suggestions on optimizing the game and adding immersions and improvements

I’ve taught my self a lot about game development in the past 10 years.i like modeling and rigging and hope to start my own studio eventually.
I saw a video of a guy getting out of the map and realized there are a lot of assets out side of the map that aren’t seen or phased inside of other assets.
If all the extra polys were trimmed it would lower the tax on the CPU,GPU and ram this could improve how well the game runs imo.
I think having the npcs lips move when talking would greatly improve immersion.
You guys have made a pretty good game I’m enjoying it so far. I just recently bought the complete edition.
Thank you for the fun you shared with us :slight_smile:hmmm…i guess you can put a billion polys in a character model with no problem then? Or a trillion in a map? With a no tax hit? Every face in a 3d model on a map costs a little more. the more you have the more it costs.i wish I could make a model and not retopo it, and not unwrap to bake or use any mem. what so ever or have to have a 6000$ GPU to render things. then I could do CG on a old Emachines off the shelf pc and not crash it . it would be great!.everything is an asset btw.i play on XB I have yet to buy 0 GB game.and no load time but I can say AC Oddesy has a very large map ALL the physics,sounds,animations work spot on. W3 has a very large map,tons of mobs and npcs and every thing runs and works great on console even. what ever is breaking CE must be supernatural,a ghost in the machine right?. Thx, respefully edited hopefully. Guess I still need to learn more… Mabie just don’t grasp what is happening during gameplay that makes what I said a non issue…

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Basically outside the map there is only ground with the same textures as inside the map. Sometimes there is also some models like trees or rocks, but again with same textures and even same meshes. So I don’t understand when you talk about lowering CPU, GPU and RAM use. Strictly regarding the map (I’m not talking about extra things like AI, special effects, processes…) CPU loads things from hard drive for storing in RAM (I summarize it roughly) and allow better availability, but if textures and models outside the map are already used inside the map there is no extra things for the CPU or RAM to handle (at least no more than when you simply move on other parts of the map). On a GPU side, you could ofc reduce usage by removing what is outside of the map, but again you’ll gain nothing since outside of the map is handled by GPU only when you look at it, and it’s by nature less GPU consumming that any other place on the map since there is no details, less models and no buildings. To summarize there is nothing more outside of the map, so harddrive has nothing extra to store, CPU has nothing extra to read and load, RAM as nothing extra to make available, GPU has to handle outside of the map when you look at it but it’s even less consumming than when you look inside the map.

But maybe I’m missing your point and I don’t understand what you’re talking about. You lost me when you say “there are assets that aren’t seen inside of other assets”. What does “asset” means to you?

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