Suggestions on upcoming Thrall changes

Hi all! I’ve been playing CE since Early Access but this is my first post in the forums.
Firstly, I’m very happy to see the time and effort Funcom has put into this game since launch and would start with a big thank you to the Devs Team.

Now, given the theme of the upcoming changes to thralls which is to make the player the hero, I’d like to add my 2 cents to the matter, in a more technical and feasible way, working within the many constraints the current game mechanics allow, but some calculation formulas could need changes. Apologies in advance for the long post.

It’s already been pointed in other threads how fragile the player characters are, but this I believe to deserve a discussion of its own and I’ll stick solely to thralls in this thread.

I don’t believe simply reducing numbers by X amount will drastically change the role thralls play. I have not played the Test Live current patch yet, but I can give a similar experience: Low faction thralls. Frigga Falsehope, the wanderer 1 skull Exiles or Cannibal Brute. Even an Exile Fighter III can do pretty much everything.

I think a great opportunity was missed with the thrall leveling system, thanks to how the thrall damage modifier works. Right now, because the high tier thralls start at a whopping 3.9 damage modifier, it doesn’t matter how they develop, they will always hit hard and can be taken to a dungeon or to guard your base at level 0. To illustrate that, a Frigga Falsehope has a melee modifier of 2.375 (or something similar), which is close to the new modifiers announced for Dalinsia and the other high tier factions. A Frigga of today is basically a Dalinsia of tomorrow if the damage multipliers continue.
A few ideas that I believe could help in this regard:

  1. Maintain all thralls damage modifier to 1 (melee and ranged). As a trade-off, increase and adjust the bonus damage gained as their level up, based on their class, faction, and tier, keeping the best possible outcome in line within the desired limits. This would keep the thrall damage similar to the player’s own output, and encourage each thrall’s development, as they would not be ready for combat right out of the wheel.

  2. Adjust the Armor gained from Agility and Health from Vitality accordingly, similar to how it is currently, but with a wider variation among their tiers.

  3. Adjust the initial stat allocation and budget based on their role (fighter, archer, entertainer, bearer) in addition to their faction. Right now, each faction has its own initial stat budget but they are the same for a fighter, archer and entertainer, across their tiers within the faction.

a. None of the listed above should match the final values in thrall damage and health that we currently have, so we’re still talking about a nerf, particularly in the higher tier faction thralls.
b. Leveling a thrall in these circumstances could lead to another grind which nobody wants, so we could also consider an acceptable decrease in the exp needed to level them up.
c. In my opinion, the final values should still make lower tier faction thralls somewhat viable, depending on how they develop.


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