Suggestions to fix Jhill Dungeon on Siptah

After 3.0, with the Fiend mark losing it’s protection value, reaquiring the lost marks after death became a constant pain for siptah players. But that is a story for another time. In addition to that, the broken climbing mechanics and the double jump bug have turned Volary of Jhill in a death trap.

There is simply no way to climb those cages without losing grip and falling to death. That is not a consideration, that is a fact. I have some small suggestions in no particular order. Either would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the attention.

  1. change the slow fall potion timer for at least 1min or the duration of the same spell. I tried to use both to help me climb but it’s 20s timer ends mid-climb, propeling me to another death. :dizzy_face:

  2. extend and increase the pool of water at the bottom of the cages so the player can at least not die when losing grip at said place;

  3. fixing the bug would of course be ideal, but i’m not counting on this one

  4. Redo the Volary of Jhill, excluding that passage from main couse and leaving it just for some type of reward. No one need to risk all his marks in a single one-mistake-and-you-are-dead situation.

Without some serious rethinking i’m not entering that dungeon again. It’s the only dungeon in siptah i dislike. Please consider that some work needs to be done about that.


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