Suggestions to make things better

Planer tool for harvesting bark from wood or a crafting bench that planes the bark from logs

Clip plane/ fog in distance to lower rendering for lag and fixing crashes due to render loss

Spyglass has already been suggested and due to already having glass in game it would be simple to make

Planters should allow a 1 seed to 5 plant ratio to get another seed rather than harvesting endlessly

Leather and thick leather that has already been processed should be allowed in the fluid press or dryer (15 thick leather / 30 leather ) to break them down into more tar so that we do not have thousands that are useless

Cross beams made of iron, steel and hardened steel ( even wood would work ) would help builders acquire the wide rooms that many have complained about in forums. simple fix.

Head shots on lesser animals (such as deer, cubs, minor scorpions, goats ect.) should be one shot kills. Honestly head shots should kill most but the largest of animals in the first place.

Insects should be placeable in the compost heap to break down any raw or cooked foods unneeded by the player to make compost easier to produce.

As other players have mentioned, thralls need to be able to have commands that would allow the player to create a more realistic environment . A barracks would be easiest to control these functions just like how the map room allows for traveling.

Placing thralls into the barracks will allow for the player to place, move or control basic movements of them. The barracks itself could have a map of your base as you build it to allow for placement via the map rather than dragging them all over.

The wheel of pain concept is true the story of Conan and should not be changed to be honest. If you want dialogue with the thralls its going to require a massive update and honestly due to the nature of the game itself, would. change the focus of the entire game from survivalist to a true RPG hero type that it isn’t meant to be.

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Which would require the 50th acc perk to be buffed up to eighter 100 or 200%?