Suggestive feedback, SLIGHT agility perk change:

TL;DR Offering tweak ideas to current agility perks to make it more beneficial to whether you want to be a melee or ranged user (or both).

Good evening Funcom and fellow gamers! Loving the update and enjoying the sorcery (I have killed myself with lightning storm a few times now for lulz),

Before crucifying me about what is balanced or not, this is just perk ideas not weapons, weapons may need (or not need) to be buffed or nerfed due to these changes but that is not what the thread is about. I would love to hear some other ideas spit-balled around. :slight_smile:

So, onto the suggestive feedback. I love the new attributes and perks, however I feel like agility is at a disadvantage against Strength. Agility perks choices offer you a benefit at the cost of a gimmick (have certain load or be further range) while Strength is just all benefits and no gimmicks.

My suggestive feedback would be, maybe offering the choose perks between melee or ranged options. or the non-choose ones be beneficial to both melee AND ranged so both options receive a benefit to whichever playstyle.

Example being, the first perk, “melee does x% damage from behind enemy” or “ranged weapons cause x% damage extra for headshots,” and choose perks between something like, “top perk allows x% damage done while wearing light or medium armor (I don’t know if load is based off of carrying weight or armor loadout),” or "bottom perk allows arrows and thrown weapons travel faster (remove the “distant targets).”

Thank you for your time!

Burn im ! Burn im down! :fire:

Oh sorry not in game- my bad!

Carry on! :smile:

The only change to the agility tree I’d make (or introduce something similar in function to str/move this into grit) would be the “reduced stamina when running, climbing & swimming”.

As it is, strength is simply not worth it for the “everyday use”, as the use up of stamina is just tragic for str weapon users. Even the 25% faster stamina recharge is not as useful, because it works only if you actually stop/walk, and have the stamina recharge. If it would be like Jhil’s gloves - activating recharge even during the stamina use (combat & activity) - that would make sense.

As it stands now, those used to the older gamestyle (which is now even faster, as agility boosts your overall…well, agility) seem to have only that option - at 15 points, you need to commit. Unless we’ll get our levels raised by 5-10 levels, then we can try to think something out.

Tbh, it makes me wonder, who was so briliant to think that “yeah, let’s close improvement movement into one tree, and screw you to the users of another”… :confused:

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