Sulfur problems - Server 1997


They are building bases inside the sulfur respawn lake
This is happening on the 1997 server, is this allowed?
There are 2 clans, “Biritas” and “Messenger of the Pea”, making it difficult for the sulfur to reappear.

Esse é o modo certo de fazer isso.

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Platform: PC
Name of the Server: Official server # 1997 PvE
Offenses, persecution, blocking of passages.


Nome do clã: ************
Steam profile (Dos Infratores) *Pra agilizar ********* *********

Mais informações (Recomendado!)

Having people built there is a bummer, but on a pvp server it is acceptable.

Other places for brimstone are Sinners Refuge and Guldams Tome (think thats what its called) in the south along noob river. Also you cant get a water breathing mask from the animal tamers in the swamp and use it to farm the brimstone under the water.

Or you can fight at the brimstone lake and remove the buildings. Have fun.

Its not acceptable its agains the rules that funcom publicated a few months ago. So you need to tske pic of the buildings pic with a hammer near a building that shows the clanname. After this write to Ignacio and tell the server name witch platform the clan names and the the clanmembers names better and wait.
At least i did thay and waited soo long that beard got grey. So i took explosives blow everything up and after that claim all the shattered springs for me in a way everyboddy can farm the brimstone

This is not acceptable on PVP servers. You will get banned

I disagree, but good luck with the petition.

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Likewise? lol i guess?

Are you for real? IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! It is blocking off of content and is enforceable by bans. Please read the rules and regulations regarding this so that you maybe better informed for the future.

I love a good argument, but this is not worth arguing with you over. I am 100% sure any petition regarding building in the salt flats on a PvP server will fail.

The only thing I know of that FunCom will enforce on a PvP server is walling off the noob river which I dont really agree with because a new player could level up and build a treb, however I do understand joining a server and finding a wall could just make the new player move to a different server rather than level up and use the treb.

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