Summer decay NOT doubled

Game mode: Online official #8080 PvE
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: N America

Bug Description:

Summer decay rates have NOT been doubled to 14 days on this server as of July 4.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log in
  2. Visit any of my larger tier 3 bases
  3. Use repair hammer to see it only shows 168 hours max before decay. I even built another structure from tier 3 after July 1 to check, also 168.
  4. Be unimpressed b/c I’ll be camping & traveling soon.
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Is this really a bug? They haven’t announced summer decay rates yet.


Oh damn, I read a post from 2021 saying summer times doubled again. I’ve been playing CE for 4 years & I believe the last 3 have had the July & Aug doubled. Why the delay this summer?

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Hi @Catspaw
You are correct! Summer is here :blush: and that means double decay timers.
More info can be found in this announcement


Thank you @Dana :grin:

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It should be like this all year round. ark has a duration of 17 days and has more active players

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Doubling the decay time is amazing and all so people can “go out and enjoy the summer” but… what about PvP servers? PvP players should get No offline raiding enabled during this time too.


Thats a good point. If you take a vacation of 7+ days on a pvpnserver, you might as well body vault your restart loot :confused:

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