Summer PvP Event: Up to TRIPLE Bonuses!

The path to glory shall be paved with the skulls of your foes! The Summer PvP Event begins today with three weeks of special, limited-time daily login rewards, including a free mount: the Blood of Zath!

Three weeks of daily rewards, three weeks of bonuses! This means:

  • Triple AA!

  • Triple PvP Tokens for Members!

  • Double XP!

  • Double PvP XP!

  • 50% off on a Full Set of PvP Gear (Tier 2) during the event!

The event comes to a close in 3 weeks - but don’t worry, the action’s just heating up! Stay tuned for more real soon!


The new Bloodstained Treasure Chest lets you stay on the bleeding edge of combat! The contents of this new treasure chest are focused around PvP. Opening this treasure chest will grant you 2 items. At least 1 of these items is guaranteed to be rare or better quality, including a chance at the legendary Bloodstained Band of Advancement!


This is your last chance to claim your Saga rewards! All unclaimed Saga of Zath rewards vanish at the end of the Summer PvP Event.

See you on the battlefield!