Summon Surge bug

Hi, i am playing on a private Siptah server, in these weeks often(like 80% of the times) when you reach an altar to summon a surge, put hardened steel inside it, charge it up with greater essences, wait for the bars to fillup and turn orange… like always

Then when all is done you pull the lever, and instead of summoning the tentacle shooting on the piramid and starting the t4 surge, the tentacle comes out and does nothing bouncing around the sky, and keeping on pulling the lever doesn’t help, surge won’t start

Any help or tip on how to fix?

Did you make the Lens for what surge you wanted to summon with the Hardened Steel Bars? I assume you did, but just asking.

I haven’t done a surge in a while, what lens? Afaik you add 50 hardened steel bars, choose which surge you want then add ???, wait till it converts to essence then pull the lever.

Yeah, that’s about right. When you choose what surge you want, that is the crafting of the lens from the hardened steel bars. Pretty sure that is what it is called.

Righto, I wasn’t aware of anything other than ‘choose your surge’. :smile:

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