Summoned Armor, Bow amd Maul

I have seen Videos, and read articles saying that the summoning duration is an hour, adjusted for combat. However, when I summon them I only get a duration of 12 minutes. Is it tied to a value in Settings? am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

Its probably tied to the same setting that adjusts when food goes bad.

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OMG, that fixed it!

Was wondering why my food was spoiling quickly, the settings info popups need to be a bit more clear and consistent.

Btw, the armour regenerates when you kill things.

What’s the effect of having a t1/t2/t3/t4 sorc “crafter” on that station? Does it increase the time for summoned units?

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That would be pretty cool.

No sorcerer can be placed on this station.

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