Sunken City and Extended Level Mods -- XP Bug Exploit

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For private servers using extended level mods like Keozards, that allow levels past 60, when killing the minion NPC Deep Ones, they give XP that is 2 levels worth everytime they are killed. The Bosses do not do this, just the minions. It is becoming an exploit that is ruining level balance. New characters can be made and farm those minions and get to insanely high levels in just few hours.

Please fix this.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Same for AOC, but as you just stated, this is mod related and not from the game itself. Report it on their respective discord/steamforum .

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The server I play on has this exploit problem. Dozens of people reached lvl 300 only a day or two after the Sunken City patch.

They are mainly ruining the game for themselves since the server is RP focused, but this affects others since a server losing people quickly when they lose interest is not a good thing. And then there IS some PVP/Capture on the server, which it greatly impacts of course.

Is it truly the Mod’s problem? Could it be the hooks Funcom provides and mods use? It needs the mod author’s attention but it’s also possible that it’s not the mod.

It’s not a mod issue, it’s a game bug. if your max level is 60 the current bug did not have any effect. the mobs and dungeon are designed for level 60 chars and with an endlevel of 60 it did not matter that the bug gives you an amount of xp which is worth 2 levels. if you add a mod which makes it possible to have more levels the game bug kicks in. now it is relevant how much xp the mobkill grands.

Personal opinion and speculation, here …

60 will not be our final destination. Sometime in the future, as with other games, the cap will go to 70. Otherwise, why give XP for crafting Epic gear? It cannot be made until level 60 anyway. So, is this also a bug?

The real difference is using a mod to bypass the game’s max level.

Head-ducking regards


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not a bug but a base game mechanic and spread sheet magic. they use a spread sheets to assign base stuff to items. this spread sheets are also the reason why items which are not repairable (like warpaints) have repair mats defined in the data tables

btw. the bug is that the normal npcs give xp like a boss (and more) and not that they give xp at all. the amount is definitive not intended but did not matter if your max level is 60

agreed. the issue needs to be corrected to prevent abuse, mods or no mods.

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I’ve released a temporary fix for this in the form of a mod. Link here


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