Sunken City Lag-Bug

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug]
Region: [USA]

As simply as I can put it, here is the problem I’ve ran into virtually every time I try to go and acquire Dagon Scales and work my way up to the final boss; No other area seems to cause this, except the Trident-wielding Mid-Boss temple specifically though some times I have had spats of resource hog/drop(?) or extreme lag when trying to work the final dungeon area’s levers and perma-trapping rooms with the prisoners and chests.

The lag doesn’t seem to hit as immediately as just going to fight the sub-boss, but going back into the water/stairs seems to kick it off. I also noticed it will multi-stack the effect of fresh air / dipping under water there, and once I kinda walked on water going to exit but the game physics went back to normal once the latency/resource/lag spike simmered down. However why I wanted to report this bug is that it will persist when leaving that area. Like to the point I went to fight one of the Children of Dagon (I think they are called) with the gas vents area, and the lag persisted quite horribly. I mean I don’t know if I ever hit a single enemy, ran around and tried to heal a couple of times, and it was just so atrociously frame-glitchy I was expecting the game to crash, though even when dying half by choice, half because the controller inputs would barely go through, it persisted even when re-spawning back on the shore.

It would persist for quite some time, returning to normal functionality briefly, usually when I had disengaged from any enemy for a time, and then slow right back down again. I mean I could count ‘Mississippi’s’ to the pace the frame-rate would seem to show and inputs seemed to register, or however you would best term that. If it’d help I could try recording on Xbox (It’s a One-S if this matters in analysis) when this happens for review. In the mean while I will just avoid that specific area like the digital plague, I don’t fancy fighting that sub-boss anyway because he’s very strong even without the resources-drop factor, but I have tried doing so for the sake of skinning him and trying to fight all the areas before going to the last one like a good adventurer should :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Either way I hope this helps, I do enjoy the game very much, but I have no idea why that stair case acts cursed and bugs the crap out of the game engine / game system. Thanks once more and good luck, cursing at the TV may help alleviate high blood pressure?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to Sunken City, specifically the Trident-Wielding Sub-Boss Room
  2. Combat Mid-Boss, Use Stairs to attempt healing
  3. Even if you die, major resource / lag issues persist.
  4. Repeat if sadistic

Hello @RavingFrenzy, thank you for reaching out!

We’ll need a few additional details in order to further assist:

  • Do you have your game installed to an SSD or HDD?

  • Is the console stable playing other demanding games?

  • Does it exhibit any signs of overheating?

If you could record and share the exact steps that have this issue occur consistently, it would greatly assist us in replicating it on our end!

I have the same problems. I noticed, that it starts to lag when the sandstorm begins and it takes a long time to normalize after the storm ends.
System: Xbox One “first generation/day one edition”
HDD: Internal hdd
Console temperature is normal
Other games run fine on the console

Conan exiles crashes alot on my console since the last “big” patch. I had to restart my solo/coop game 4 times because of the save bug

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My system doesn’t have problems with games really, I’m not sure what is considered high demand but I play GTA5, Skyrim with mods, FO4 can be a little janky at times but it’s a glitchy game so I wouldn’t rely on that as a comparison, uh, played ESO on free play days and For Honor never gives me problems beyond the server stuff.

It was installed on an External HDD, but I have transferred it to the Internal HDD since I try to keep track of that and keep multiplayer option games on it.

Apologies I haven’t gone into that region yet to report on it, but I’ll be doin that soon, been checking the heat states so I have a base-line to be able to determine if it is over-heating or not when it happens. I’ll post when so and figure out how to link Xbox video segments, been intending to find a way to pull screen shots off of it.

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