Sunken City Simulation

This game is so challenging! I’m currently trying to get through the Sunken City Simulation with my main character, a level 50 Illuminati Warlock. I’m dying horribly. Any tips on how to endure the onslaught?

IIRC, Warlock is the “Class” that starts with Blood/AR weapons? Blood is in it’s current state very rough for soloing scenarios, because the more you hit the enemy, the more Corruption you get, and less self-healing you get. If you switch your two weapons around, using Assault Rifle as main, and use Anima-Tipped Bullets passive should make it much easier for you.
In general, experimenting with other weapons can be good for you, since different weapons provide different tools.

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Thanks muchly! I noticed that these mobs stun a lot, so it’s hard to get grenades off. I will try your suggestion.

What level is your gear at? Players can get easily get to Level 50 before finishing the Egypt storyline, but gaining levels is hardly where character advancement ends. The game still expects you to continue to upgrade your gear continually throughout the story.

Are you talking about regular scenarios (Seek & Preserve or Occult Defence) or the Agartha simulation that you have to complete between Transylvania and Kaidan?

Agartha simulation.

That one is mostly about not standing in crap. If you were able to finish Transylvania you should, theoretically, have no problem with that, regardless of your weapon choices.

Blood as a primary weapon also gives you really easy access to a self-heal, if survivability is the problem.