Super dumb question - I've never seen this part of the unnamed city wall before

Maybe I just ran into it for the first time, but is this an exit to a new dungeon? Or has it always been in the outer wall? Location is southern outer unnamed city wall from shattered springs obelisk.

May be an area that had under meshing, and is now been patched.

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A few people from our server were crowded around it the other night, just scratching our heads trying to figure it out.

I assume people tried walking through it and that’s all the farther you could get? Because if so, maybe they accidentally leaked where their next DLC dungeon will be?

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Yeah. hit an invisible wall the closer one gets. Can see the inside of a cavern though…

I have a feeling you’ve stumbled upon an accidental leak of their next dungeon placement, granted they may tell us different, but only time will tell if you did or not. I’d mark that spot for future reference.

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