Support asking for personal info


Hello. I randomly received a ban status on my account. It won’t tell me why I was banned, and says “contact CS for more information.” I contacted CS, and after giving them my account name (not password), they then said they cannot give me ANY information regarding my account unless I give them a picture of my drivers license (I have NEVER, in the last 17 years I’ve been playing AO, given this info), a picture of my CREDIT CARD, and my phone number???

This is insane! I cannot even find out why my account is banned, or how to rectify the problem, without giving this personal, unnecessary info???

I got banned the same time about 100 other people did, due to someone hacking another person’s account, and trading/selling items from the hacked account.

Please fix this!


This is a normal way for them to check your infos- else how would they know that you’re the true owner of the account? This happens even on Ebay, Blizzard, etc… Regarding the credit card info, I know it’s uncomfortable, but they have to check if it is a valid card and is true Yours.