Support beams dont provide extra support since update

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since the update support beams provide 0 extra support

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I believe from what I read on the patch notes that’s the intention

I have not seen the pillars do anything for some time now. I figured they were just material wasters and for aesthetic purposes.

As many people have posted there is clearly a need for the extra support they did provide. They do look cool.

I built pillars underwater. They snapped on underneath my dead-end path which was hovering above water and now my path has become … a functioning bridge! :smile:

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“Extra support to vertical and diagonal support building pieces has been reduced”
ok, i see that means pillars to. so there is now nothing left in the game that gives vertical support, wow

I’m also very annoyed by this, half of my tier 3 roof just collapsed and I also have a hole in the floor underneath.
I suppose I could fix it by placing a stone pillar or wall in the middle of the throne room that’s right underneath that hole in the floor.
That pillar or wall would then be placed right on top of the majestic red carpet that leads up to my throne… how unsightly that would be…

What the devs should have done is to reduce the stability loss of connecting wedges by half, then wedges would have almost as much reach as ceilings.

pillars give support as long as they touch foundations or ground

That doesn’t help large structures…like towers…

The way I understand the mechanic now it works more like real life. OK, the debate if it should be more real or not is another debate, but when you use pillars to support a structure they have to have a structural support under them. So you cannot place a structural pillar in the middle of a floor on thew second level and expect it to support anything unless there is a support structure under it.

You SHOULD be able to support a pillar with another pillar underneath it, or a foundation or a wall or any other unit that is a structural support. But placing a pillar in the middle of a second story floor without a structural unit under it would be inviting disaster in real life.

But again - should the mechanics be realistic? Thats debatable.

Also if pillars are not supported by pillars under them then that should be fixed because you can do it in real life

I dread to think about anyone having stations and storage on those ceilings that fell down :scream::face_with_hand_over_mouth::anguished:

you are right about that, i just tried out. the problem is the game is out now for 3 weeks, i build my base based on the system they gave us. now i have to rebuild stations and half of my base because they now decided to change it. i have to litter my ground floor with pillars, remove stations that are now in the way, just to make it work at the 2nd and 3th floor. i dont have the patience and time to rebuild the base that took me 4 days to build, refarm materials, not counting the maprooms i lost and other stuff that crumbled down along with half of my base, till they decide to change it again or get that stupid support beams to work like they should. that frustrates me to the point that i gave up this game. good for me that metal gear solid 5 is for free on xbox gold right now

Yeah there should be some kind of way to adjust things like that before you just do an automatic required update and lose everything when you log in. That really sucks.

I have to laugh at myself though because while I was typing my post I realized why my pillars were not working on the second floor of my base. For me it was a forehead slap moment because I should know better than to put a pillar in the middle of an unsupported floor - I have some homebuilding experience. For me there was no excuse.

But I hardly expect people with no building experience to know something like that. I mean that’s why shows like “Holmes Inspection” are able to run for 10 years with a new home renovation disaster to fix every week.


So im lost here now, the bug is about pillars not providing support when there is no direct connection to either the ground or foundation (that is connected to the ground, so no ceiling with foundation on top)

if i look at it like that then it seems rather obvious that it doesnt provide support. Personally i dont really have had to use pillars yet. Only a couple kf times in round towers (somehow wedges have like half the reach of normal ceilings which is frustrating)

Anyway, you could be creative with stacked foundations with fencefoundations placed on the exterior, that way you get pretty good looking pillars. a bit wide tho but personally when you have a building that big(like a grand throneroom) it is fitting.

sry for the misunterstanding, i meant support beams and changed the title of this topic. yeah sure, you guys are right about pillars, its of course more logic that they need direct connection to foundation or ground to provide support, but that wasnt needed from start of EA till this patch.
i like to build circle shapes and go vertical, to reduce land claim and possible block of resources and diagonal beams were my savior. now i have to build 6 pilllars in the middle from top to buttom, which reduces my space greatly, blocks my view and just plain looks s…,

exactly, when you build a square shape its easy and not really problematic, when this wedges come into play it starts to be tedious, with the need for extra support and all that. i know support beams were exploited and they needed to change them somehow, but i dislike the way they handle it. like throw out something new, something wrong with it, beeing exploited, reduce their use to non exsistent

Yeah I guess the Arch didn’t exist in Hyboria, lol. In the real world the way you get massive open cathedrals without pillars is with the arch or in Gothic times with flying buttresses - neither of which are available for Conan Exiles.

Maybe experiment with diagonal support beams and use your repair hammer to see how much support they give when they are used vs when they are not.

Honestly, my base is getting pretty big and i havent used a single support beam…


the above is an old pic, hwre is a new one of the base of my clan:
note the tower in the back, its a 12 sided large tower (base is 2^12) the center is a aolid spire of foundations with a 1wedge open cirle around it. the inner corner wedges are also solid foundations.

From top of gate on cliff:1527851492187426031220

From near the tower outside my base:

in the below pic you can see about half of the width of the tower, left the inner pillar and right 2 of the single wedge support pillars.
Inside of the tower at the ground floor:

View from ground floor when looking up:

Top 2 floors domt have the wedge supports and are mostly empty floors

Near top of tower;

Roof inner structure:
i think something went wrong with the pictures however.

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more pics in the share your shelter topic in the fan section!