Support contacts are met with deafening silence


I’ve been trying for the last 2-3 months to get an answer from customers support to my last 3 inquiries. I am aware that the waiting times are supposed to be extremely long, but it seems like it’s nonexistent, also that tickets can only be discussed via e-mail, so I am at a loss how to proceed, because opening more tickets doesn’t seem to help.

What’s going on?

In this particular case Dharack is most likely a victim of the recent change to the support policy of Funcom - a F2P does not get support even if the reason he needs the support for is a problem about making a subscription.

Also, he is one of my core raiders in one of the 2 last (mostly) german T6 raidforces.
We are getting really pissed about loosing people, raiders, who try really hard to throw money at Funcom, but can not, due to no support answers.
@AndyB @Tamtor @Spynosaur_Nicole this has become a major issue for people who subbed for a long time, take a break or fall back to f2p by acciedent, and have no chance to sub again. As you know there is a high chance that something happens while paying (having to creating a new paypal payment option every time for instance).
Please tell us how we can contact you in a timely manner if a f2p encounters a problem while trying to pay.


This is one of the reasons I don’t sub. If anyone at Funcom is interested, these are my top reasons I don’t spend much money, beside an occasional item shop trinket.

  1. I do not want to deal with several parties if problems with my credit card come up. For example, overseas transaction held up, my bank preventing a purchase, in short dealing with paypal, credit card company, bank and funcom to resolve a problem.

  2. Being Funcom customer service is slow, perhaps non-existent if you are not already a subber, I do not need to spend my time trying to give someone money without any service or trying to resolve an issue.

I know I have said before- but Funcom should make subs available in the in game store, I know it is possible. There was a box (maybe Saga of Zath) that contained starter items and a month sub so it can be done.

And the option to gift someone game time.


Definitely add gift of time!

We understand wait times are long and we appreciate your patience while we work to answer your requests. Thank you!

However, while we understand the wait may be frustrating, posting here won’t expedite the queue. We apologize for the inconvenience. Cleaning up post(s) and closing thread.