Support for 3.0 crashes

This forum is the only place to get any.

Funcom’s support page link is disabled on the microsoft xbox support page.

click the link and…

I’ve been reading a few posts about there being some xbox series S players that are not experiencing the crashes and instability issues. That gives me hope…the same hope I had for 3 months, 9 months ago…to only play for another 3 months until this mess.

My Xbox one crashes if I’m near another players build and I open my inventory menu. Also sometimes if I just try to open my inventory menu at my own base and rarer when I open my inventory menu out and about. Also the game sometimes teleports me to the new cave entrance at N9 when I log back in. When the game crashes, it runs in the back ground for about 20 sec before closing. Then when I log in it won’t let me skip the cut scene so I end game and log in again which lets me skip the cut scene. Then when I log in to server I lose the server and I get a grey screen with water sometimes and it says I lost server. Then I can finally log in next attempt.

This list of events happens every time I crash to my Home Screen which is often :frowning:

Except for this one bug, this update is AWESOME :star_struck: I am really really enjoying it and I love the new Expertise Perk that lets me build with more stability. It’s freeking AWESOME!!! :two_hearts:

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I gave it a try this morning…physically disconnected the cat6 cable… the game crashed after opening my inventory the second time. I was only carrying the gasmask, water and food so it’s not an item amount that’s burdening the process.

I quit out , reboot, reload, quit out, reloaded, and was able to play stable in single player for an hour or so. I ran my girl back to my base and let her stand idle for however long it took me to make breakfast for my family…about ten minutes…I came back and every fine detail had rendered very crisp, VERY impressive, at a level I’ve not seen in this game for the year+ that I’ve been playing!
So I ran around my base and opened just about every individual inventory I had available …they all responded without pause or stutter.

The game didn’t crash again until I started to farm the dafari camp at the dreggs for sorceress recipes. Everyone was dressed, the sorceress and the 1 dafari fighter that aggro’d on me with the sorceress had the invisible armor on…I’m imagining this may be a default sorcery buff for the sorcery users???

Anywho, this was stable while it was physically disconnected from the data so , at least there’s an option for playing while the wrinkles are being ironed out.

I love this game very much and there isn’t anything that comes close to checking all the same boxes for me. I was a P.O.E. player until I found Conan so the microtransactions being added don’t bother me at all…once that stops affecting the stability, I’m sure there will be alot of happy campers.

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