Support Google page missing

Not sure if this is the best place to put this but im on Playstation so…

We can no longer report issues with servers. The google doc link now redirects to an error page. In pretty bad English “Don’t used anymore” message.

Is this a known problem and if so will this get updated anytime soon? Offical server 3522 is really bad today mining anything is almost impossible and there is no way to report to get a reboot of the server.


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@SindeeSyringe I had issues mining and cutting trees yesterday on my private server and I was playing with my wife on a official ps4 server and she had to logout and back do to swinging through rocks and trees with no results

Sounds like someone forgot to translate the page into english.

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It’s been like that for months, roughly since they removed the “report server” button from the server browser in the PC version of the game. It seems to be part of the changes that switched the game to Funcom Live Services.


Did you just said that you play on official server? If I read well then I expect to tell me to witch one too. I will join first thing tomorrow :wink:.

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