Surge Brazier floating

Game mode: Isle of Siptah
Type of issue: Floating Brazier
Server type: PvE
Region: NA

Found a floating brazier

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Can you please let me know which shrine is this?

Hey @Oslion

Could you let us know the exact location of this brazier? (press Ctrl + Alt + shift + L ingame)
Thanks in advance.

I assume this is the most south-western shrine, as I see some quite tall mountains in the back which stretch across the entirety of the screen and they are quite close by. The brazier seen in the picture should be on the north-east side of the shrine. Correct?

Edit: I also feel like the Brazier seen in this comment is floating… what do you think, @Testerle?


TeleportPlayer -145969.28125 44431.746094 -16522.759766

a bunch of the braziers in this location are floating

TeleportPlayer -149227.046875 41730.304688 -16544.78125

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TeleportPlayer -146051.234375 45197.898438 -16550.521484

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Thank you! I didn’t check back soon enough :frowning:

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