Surge/storm mechanics?

I still don’t understand fully what the big storm thingy is doing and when is it supposed to happen (triggered/timed?), and also what triggers the small storm thingies and how their locations are picked.
Is there any resource out there that would explain the details of the mechanics without going through spoilers?

It looks that those small storms are random - or quasi-random, like Star Metal nodes in vanilla, randomly choosing some of the fixed locations. They always appear after the Maelstorm ends, and it happens very often.

haven’t played with surge myself, but wild surges you mention are… wild, they happen at random
get you portals weak npc’s fall through

if you want higher tier, you need to trigger surge yourself with a ritual at layshrine

The storm has a fixed cycle. Storm (horror farm time) - Surge (thrall time - random+controlled summons). I will let you guys figure out the rest.

Where can I have detailed info about the fixed cycle?
To be honest… It’s just that i only can play every day around the same small slot of time, and I just want to know if I’m doomed to always have an apocalyptic sky in the background…

Check the server settings. Esc - Settings - Server Settings - Maelstorm. The storm’s progress should persist through the server’s restarts so you should be able to experience it all even if you have play every day at the same hour.


Thanks for that!

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