Survey: How do you like the Halloween Event?






Grâce à ton message j’ai insisté cherché mieux et trouvé comment réactivé la nudité.
Merci bon jeux et bonne chance à funcom.


I love the Halloween event, but being on Xbox, I’m ready for it to end. Great event and fun, I just miss seeing sunshine.


Avec plaisir mon pote :smiley:
c’était le but.
bon jeu aussi !


Thank very much for your opinions and taking part at this survey! However, I would like to ask the mods to close this topic now and urge you guys to fill out the official survey at Conan Exiles Halloween Event Survey



A survey where you cannot see the other players responses? Is it so bad that the results are not for the public? It cannot be any worse than the event itself :wink:


Conan Exiles in a nutshell


Not at all! I was actually very happy with the responses. The survey was more for us in that we can see what sort of things we can improve on.
And actually, I was blown away by the feedback we were given. Almost everyone took the time to write out responses for feedback or things they’d like to see. I’m absolutely glad and appreciate everyone who did.


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