Survival bonuses

Survival bonuses on pets/thralls has the rate too high. What is wrong with this, you get survival more often than anything else

I agree with this. Absolutely useless stat for a thrall yet it hits way to much.

Statistics? Saying “too high” is just feels. It could be too high, but without data I could say “too low” and be just as correct.

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When 9 out of 10 of my thralls are landing survival almost 40+ percent of the time out of 2 of my 3 perks. Its to high. That is being generous on the percentage. At this point I would say I have broke well over 70 to 80 thralls to 20.

The rate of survival hitting for perks is insane.

My hit rates have not been like that for perks. Small stats are a thing.

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the worst part is at lvl 20 when you get -str/vit + survival

Neg buffs suck, however, dont dismiss the survival buffs. Have someone poison/bleed ur thrall at the beginning then after u level him with higher survival. I swear some thralls dont even need gas masks anymore.

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