Survival focused server

I have been working from SoHo (Small Office Home Office) since long time, but this new events made it much more relevant now that things are getting “challenging”.
For that reason I decided to reopen and relocate my server, and also for that relocation, I need to set up it again. There will be some changes but at this point, it is more or less a work in progress.
It will run my Mods and nothing else. And there will not be admins. The mods themselves afford me as admin to give people temporary or permanent powers as if they were admins, and they allow me to revoke them too, without needing to change the servers.
More info can be found at my webiste for it:
And I have a discord for it at:

Remember to check how the mods work, because this server has some huge differences from normal Conan Exiles game.

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I am very interested in a low xp difficult grind server for PC. I don’t want PVP kill on site, just a fun server where you feel like level 10 is an accomplishment. I am not interested in end game until I have earned it. Not sure if anyone else likes this play style as i can’t find any private servers like this.

If you know of any please let me know. If you would be interested in helping set one up let me know as well.

I like mods but I want them to enhance the game not make it faster levling.

2 Likes maybe our server is exacly what you are looking for then. We pretty much changed a lot of things and pushed the limit to make our server possible and to make it a true hardcore experience. Take a look at it and if your interested add me on steam buddy.

For me, I gave up trying to set up a server that is focused on survival, because people want pvp and a server in which you can be “oh so fierce warrior” from day one.

I closed up my server and focused on modding only.

To play with one or two people, I play co-op.

My mods are geared towards lenghtening the leveling process, spreading the learning curve, making survival first to combat, and creating diversifyed recipes and resources. Like or

I even made one for removing the dynamic aspects of the map so you have to rely on memory and clues to find where you are and where you going.

I have one that grants more levels and more feat points, but it is designed to make the leveling process allow for mods that use every single perk, like the fact that someone who has no perks will hardly be able to climb a high wall, and if tried, might get that one killed if it cant stand high fall damage by using perks.

But I know very few people is really to the survival aspects of the game, even some people who says they want to.

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We have a 10 tier ranking system that will take up to a year to complete depending on the amount of houres you play.Your title will show up in chat and it means something when a “Paladin” talks to a “Peasant” :laughing: Check it out.

That is what I mean. People like to make the game about titles, epen measures, and recognition.

Everyday survival, which is the most amazing part of the game, means nothing.

If you have one life, , I doubt you will care about who carries the most stars to their coffin jacket.

I tought you wanted appreciation for achieving something in the game that you worked hard for?

Virtually what everyone wants is a “oh you worked hard, here is your trophy”.

Survival aspect is not “epen measure”, surviving is its own reward and its own motivation. Working hard is also its own reward.

If I wanted celebratory ego massages, I could join virtually any private server, that they have its castes, its titles, its “selected group of stars”.

What I like is “you are not special”, “you are not a star”, “you are not any genius, hero”. Nature can kill you for one mistake, be it a rookie mistake, or thinking invincible because you lived long.

Literally one of my mods is geared towards the assumption that you might die and lose everything no matter how long you lived, how much you did, you still dying if you slip.

That is survival.

The realism that you fear for your life, and you dont “YOLO” fight everything you can just for fun.

Join our server and I will make you suffer so hard you get ■■■■■ from it :slight_smile: For example:You log in and I immediately teleport you behind the green wall with 50 putrit meat.Somewhere behind the green wall I have setup a portal to get back to the playable map.If you have died 100 times from foodpoisining and finally found the portal.I will be waiting on the other side with a build arena full of undead dragons where you have to fight for several days “without sleep” because the moment you stop moving the dragons will squash you.After you have killed all the undead dragons I will set you free into the original map.You should have gained some levels from killing all those dragons but on our server I will just remove them in the admin panel.Back to zero slave.Everytime I think about it when im online I will trigger a purge and summon a star metal drop on your base.If you ever speak in chat I will kick you from the server so you have to log back in.Guess where you will be when you log in?Your base?Nono you will be back behind the green wall with nothing other then putrit meat and a relocated portal to find.You want survival?I can give it to you . :+1:

@S_A_R_G_E this sounds like admin abuse to me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It is hard for people who dont know the concept of survival understand that it is “being in equilibrium” with your condition, and not “winning over it”. Competition, abuse, threat, it all calls for retaliation, calls for matching power. Surviving is trying to reach a point you can be in indefinitely. Although impossible, it is a kind of exercise on concentration and wit. I like playing Conan to build, to make trades, to hunt for food, and etc. Granted, PvP is nice, but not just for the sake of “i am better than you”, because it does not mean that. Conflict over land, over resources, over routes, that is a nice thing. Finding void reasons for fighting is just dumb. Not even wild animals do that. Every living being have one thing in common, they want to survive. That is why I have my setting so more often than not, both people in a fight die, because that is most likely what real fight would be in that situation.

That is the thing I think this game offers that is mostly lost around. You can play this game “in peace”. It is hard, it is demanding, but it is not competitive, it is not stressful.

I will be reopening the server.
Details will be published at the website
And I will be updating the progress.
Check out how the mods work because they change quite a bit from regular Conan Exiles game.

Go find Firespark 81 and ask him how many people leave his server because of re tarded xp and lack of feat points. It is a hard server.

FUncom the word above is on your ban list. This is how stupid PC is.
If your timing in your car is to far advanced, what do you do?
You re tard it. This ban worked is re tarded.

I have no idea what your post has to do with mine.

But I will take this time to say that Agrosurvival Mod is updated.

And that I dont know about any XP or Feat problems. My mod uses 97 levels smoothly corrected to distribute a fair amount of feat points and enough skill points to fill your attributes and use them afterwards for new things the mod creates. And this mod has been updated now to have even more to offer: